Saturday, June 24, 2023

Government organization management posts karachi


This advertisement was published on 20 2023 . The team  has gathered  the required details for the recent jobs from all over the Pakistan and the world which may help you to search for the latest jobs . The job has a title of the government management post Karachi .the location is Karachi Sindh. Including, the salary package this job is offering is around 30000 to 45000 .ones who are interested in this job must possess the qualification of bachelors degree masters degree and BS. It would be a great opportunity for such pupil. Only two vacancies are remaining for this job which are of the monitoring evaluation specialist and environment safeguard specialist . The last date  till which you can apply for this job is 5 July 2023. If you are interested so you are requested to visit our website for further details.


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