Sunday, June 11, 2023

Livestock and fisheries department jobs | ads | govt | 2023 | apkspack


Advertisement was published on three days ago and it is a full time job they are now recruiting many candidates who was for the following positions they are recutting sweeper and security guard and Sunny to worker these positions are only for tando allahyar Sindh candidates who have completed their education in as a primary or metric will be given preference so if you are interested this is the best opportunity for you just you need to submit your application remember that before the ending date and and it will be actually approximately 8 August 2023 they the date are mention on newspaper which was a Pakistani newspaper and where you can learn that how can you apply for the for these jobs which are available in Life OK is department livestock and fisheries department this is the good opportunity and they are giving a very handsome mode of salary as well.


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