Saturday, June 10, 2023

Planning and development department jobs | Govt | 2023 | Apkspack

 That is new job which is available under the supervision of planning and development department management jobs Karachi 2023 there are requiring candidates from all over the all over distance problems and candidate who lives and send and have a missile of sin can eligible and easily apply for this job it is the past four director information technology and they're also giving opportunities to assistant director monitoring evolution and they need dispatch rider or as well and they need clerk all else as well as they need director communication they need security guard than it internal auditor then it's cheaper than it director finance and also they need a receptionist they need assistant director they need a grievance redressal and they also need assistant director communication as per advertisement they are giving opportunities for them this this while advisement was published on junk newspaper and if you have get a education then you will definitely prefer and if you have MBA degree then you will definitely give a preference and then you can easily apply for this job it is a good opportunity apply today.


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