Saturday, June 10, 2023

School education and literacy department jobs | Govt | 2023 | Apkspack

 No I data input operator is required for department of edge school and education literacy department Karachi they are a requiring candidate for the position of data input operator and this advertisement was published on Dawn newspaper and continued to have degree of tax letter and master exactra they can apply and education if you have are greater education than you will definitely prefer and it is a school educational apartment job and they are requiring candidates from sin province and if you are living in Hyderabad and jump show then you can easily apply for this job the last date of this job is 7 June 2023 and it is a go to opportunities then you should apply and give all your requirement documents and you can apply through there website so don't waste your time and you can easily get this job because it does not require a higher education or candidates.


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