Sunday, June 11, 2023

Sindh Bank limited Unit Head & HR officer jobs | ads | govt | 2023 | apkspack


As we have already discussed that there are many banks which are giving opportunities freshly candidates and but when we talk about bank job so they are mainly on control basis so send the bank also giving opportunities for the position of unit head and human resources officer they are offering salary around to $50,000 to one one like $50,000 a month and education is required as a mastered security program and this was published on Express newspaper and if you want to see the cutting of that newspaper you can you can see the newspaper which fast published on some days ago last date of line for this office 17th July 213 and the last date is there are recruiting candidates internal protocol officer payroll officer and training officer and State Bank of Pakistan reporting officer unit head AML they also need assistant auditor office as well they also need to get it officer as well so it is a good opportunity avail it


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