Sunday, June 11, 2023

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Now we are going to talk about Central jobs in the regimental Centre jobs they are giving opportunities candidates and this advertisement was published on 12 days ago and it was published on my 29 or 2023 and the last date is June 2023 the advertisement was published on Express newspaper and it is a organization which is work under the supervision of government of scene and also the regiment Centre there are almost 38 seats are available and these are only for Hyderabad having domicile of Hyderabad can apply for this jobs so they are now recruiting assistant upper division clerk and their also need labor skill they also need sanitary supervisor they also need money primary they also need primary they also need labor and skill primary and the also need to work as well and also they need driver as well they are recruiting lower division clerk as well so you think that if you are eligible for these kind of job then you should apply for this only you have to do is to computerize and I say is required attach your domicile and all documents which you have right now that should be attested and you are to recent passport size photograph is mandatory you have to pay on 300 rupees money to Centre and you have to complete your application form and just need to send your application form from Pakistan PS office which is available in Hyderabad as well during office not idea we are already telling you that not transfer around travel allowance or dinner allowance will be give me for you and the time of test and interview as well those who are already employee of an already enroll in government service can apply to proper channel with the perfect the last date is net do not rest your time applied today.


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