Sunday, August 13, 2023

Punjab University lahore 2023 jobs


Now this is the latest advertising for the job of Punjabi nostrilah Deanna giving opportunity for the candidates there are almost 2:35 poster available for the unemployed candidates if you need any kind of information regarding your topic you can click on this at any can get information about us there are giving opportunity to the professor which is under the grader of 21 that are almost 34 posters are available they also need associate professor which is under 50 post also then it lectures BPS 14 there are almost 40 positions available there if you want to apply for this job I am going to give you an opposite interest so you just need to send your application form to the office of the registered in Punjab University so these are some basic opportunities I have to follow in order to apply for this kind of show so it is job so do apply before the last date.


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