Sunday, August 13, 2023

Thar coal water works department jobs for 2023

No the latest in government job has announced every classes they have now given opportunity for the candidates available this opportunity and also in service candidates can apply through proper channel with energy also known as non objectives notificated so you have to get your NOC from your concern department only then you can apply for this job these yet are basically available for they can see positions are 11 to 14 under the supervision of local government of sin so if you want to apply for this kind of job this is the best opportunity the number of positions are there is the oil most 11 and the great is 11 also you need to complete your radiation with 6 a month diploma there are many other operations for sub in general and also the addition along with deployments with engineering department now if you need any kind of permission regarding his topic you can click on the link for further details also they are pricing assistant which is under the BPS 12 so these are some conditions 22 August.



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