Sunday, November 5, 2023

Fpsc new jobs 2024


Now we are going to talk about another positions which are available for area education officer and they are also recruiting candidates for the position of information technology and Neville headquarters and they also recruiting candidates for the position of civil medical practitioner and also assistant director legal so these are some vacancies are available for the people of Pakistan who lives in Pakistan and has a valid NIC also there are jobs available in ministry of Florence Justice or the positions of research officer in BPS 18 and these are some latest advertisement which is published on their website and this whole advertisement was published on the news on 5th November Sunday means today and then you have only 15 days to apply after that you will not be able to apply for this job and your application will not be accepted You have to pay challan for BPS 16 300 rupees and for BPS 18 you have to pay $750 and for BPS 19 you have to pay 1200 rupees and for BPS 20 you have to pay above $1,500 All your documents should be attested by higher education commission You're all conduct of test will be taken according to the department so it is an online job do apply for it.


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